How we developed

Keeping in mind the vision of internationalization and in making Burapha University a truly global place of learning, we have decided to undertake many projects that will bring the concept of student mobility, academic exchange, research exchange and cultural exchange closer to us. We have started by the culmination and development from a small International office to the formation of the Global Relations Center.

The GRC keeping in line with the forward thinking of the university management, is a highly qualified and progressive unit focused on providing Burapha students benefit from International programs and vice-versa ,providing quality educational International partners and their students the benefit of learning a new culture, a diverse student body, a multi lingual instruction institution with over 21 faculties, 3 campuses and nearly 50,000 students. Burapha University is the largest and most comprehensive university in the eastern part of Thailand and is ranked amongst the best in the entire country.

We have active linkages with over 200 high quality universities around the globe. We are currently amongst the leaders in collaboration with ASEAN country educational Institutes and we are strong supporters of the AUN Network.

We help our faculty’s link with other universities and vice-versa in the formation of good and effective collaboration in every sphere.

Our goal is to move Burapha University forward in an active way prescribing to the new norms of Internationalization of higher education and to achieve excellence for our University in the standard set by the very best in the industry.