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From more than 61 years after its first establishment, Burapha University has been recognized as one of the best international universities in eastern part of Thailand.

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Burapha University originated from Bangsaen Educational College which was the first regional tertiary educational institute, established on July 8, 1955. Subsequently, it became a campus of Srinakharinwirot University and was renamed Srinakharinwirot Univeristy, Bangsaen Campus on June 29, 1974. On July 29, 1990, it was again renamed Burapha University and later became autonomous on January 9, 2008.

     Currently, the total number of students is 50,441 consisted of 67 diploma students, 40,995 Bachelor’s Degree students, 54 Graduate Diploma students, 8,209 Master’s Degree students, and 1,116 Doctorate students.  Among this number are 644 international students. Burapha University determines strongly to produce graduates possessing quality corresponding with university philosophy “To establish intellect, to encourage the search for knowledge and morality, and to guide society”.
     Considering the importance of university life and cooperation among students, the university provides students with beneficial welfare and activities such as supporting facilities and services, and recreational areas.


Bangsaen Campus

 Faculty of Nursing

 Faculty of Abhaibhubejhr Thai Traditional Medicine

 Faculty of Logistics

 Faculty of Engineering

 Faculty of Informatics

 Faculty of Management and Tourism

 Faculty of Education

 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

 Faculty of Sport Science

 Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

 International College

 Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

 Faculty of Political Science and Law

 Faculty of Science

 Faculty of Geoinformatics

 Faculty of Medicine

 Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts

 Faculty of Public Health

Chanthaburi Campus

 Faculty of Science and Arts

 Faculty of Marine Technology

 Faculty of Gems

Sakaeo Campus

 Faculty of Agricultural Technology

 Faculty of Science and Social Sciences



 The Computer Center

 The Health Science Center

 Language Center

 Academic Services Center

- The Central Library

- The Chinese Confucius Center

 Korean Language Studies Center

 Social and Environmental Studies Center


 Regional Centre for Geo-Informatics and Space Technology



 The Research Institute of Culture and Arts

 The Institute of Marine Science

 Language Institute


Facilities and Services

The Burapha University in Bangsaen campus also provide bus and residence services in its campus which can facilitate the student’s life and friendship while studying on their education.

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Chon Buri Campus

169 Long-Hard Bangsaen Road, Saen Sook Sub-district, Mueang District, Chon Buri Province, 20131 (1,035,340 square meters)

Tel : 0-3810-2222

Fax : 0-3839-0353 ,0-3839-0351


Chanthaburi Campus

57 Moo 1, Chon Pratan Road, Kamong Sub-district, Thamai District, Chanthaburi Province, 22170

Tel : 0-3931-0000

Fax : 0-3931-0128


Sakaeo Campus

254 Moo 4, Watana Nakorn Sub-district, Wattana Nakorn District, Sakaeo Province, 27160

Tel : 0-3726-1560

Fax : 0-3726-1801